PACT x p2pb2b Airdrop Reward : 100 PACT



? PACT x p2pb2b Airdrop
? Prize: 100 PACT + Ref 50 PACT
? Swap: p2pb2b

? Airdrop:

?Referral ID : b478704c ?

⚙ Complete Tasks

  1. Create a p2pb2b Account
  2. KYC Level 2 verification
  3. Push “Join the Community” button and get 100 PACT to your PACT account immediately.

? About PACT Airdrop PACT is a p2pb2b token, the same as BNB, OKB, HT, etc.

?Note: to get airdrop prizes, follow the ref link / enter the ref id b478704c?

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  3. I like it.

  4. So Amazing

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