1inch x Coinmarketcap Airdrop + Quiz Answers


Update: 16 July 2021 QUIZ ANSWERS ARE HERE.

1inch x Coinmarketcap Airdrop
?Reward : 3 1INCH ≈ $5
?Exchange : BinanceKuCoinOKEx

?Airdrop : https://coinmarketcap.com/earn/project/1inch

Complete Tasks
1. Create Account on Binance
( Step Register, Click Here )
2. Register on Coinmarketcap
3. Open Learn & Earn Videos
3. Watch on 3 Videos Learn
4. Take A Quiz
5. Submit ID Binance

Quiz Answer – 1INCH exchange Airdrop

1. What is the total supply of 1INCH tokens?
Answer : 1,500,000,000

2. What is the name ‘1inch’ inspired by?
Answer : Oriental martial arts.

3. A prototype of the 1inch DEX aggregator was created in just 18 hours during :
Answer : ETHGlobal hackathon in New York;

4. Sergei Kunz, 1inch co-founder and CEO, used to be responsible for software development at:
Answer : Porsche

5. Currently, 1inch supports most of the well-known protocols, precisely:
Answer : 42

6. Which of these characters invited 1inch to the “Three Comma Club” for hitting 1,000,000,000 USD in volumes for the first time:
Answer : Russ Hanneman;

7. Recently, 1inch unveiled a major upgrade of its functionality that was based on an improved algorithm named:
Answer : Pathfinder

8. A unicorn is 1inch’s totem animal, and the first mention of those mythical creatures dates back to:
Answer : Ancient Greece

?About 1INCH Airdrop
Limited Airdrop !! First 16.666 participants. Total reward 50.000 1INCH ($94.000).

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