Melecoin Airdrop


Melecoin Airdrop to receive 5 MLC tokens ($ 5) already listed Coinmarketcap

🔹 1 MLC = 1 USD
🔸 For Joining — Get 5 MLC
⭐️ For each referral — Get 2 MLC

✏️ Mandatory Tasks:
♦️ Join the telegram chat and channel
♦️ Follow Melecoin at Twitter and retweet a tweet
♦️ Subscriber at the Melecoin YouTube channel
♦️ Follow Melecoin at Facebook
♦️ Send a ERC20 compatible wallet address eg myetherwallet, Trustwallet, imtoken.


Note: Do not submit ETH address from Exchange.

📊 Ceck info at CoinMarketCap (

NewsCrypto – Your Cryto in one place


Share your referral code with friends and allow them early access. The top referrer will earn $1000⬇️️

These are some of the features coming with the first release:

• Unparalleled market overview
• Advanced asset filtering
• Crypto gamification
• Personalized UX

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Coinleet Airdrop


🔥Coinleet Airdrop⭐️

💸 Participate in Coinleet airdrop to get a total of $750 reward.🚀

Airdrop Link:

Step – Start the bot & Complete Social media tasks.

✔ Done.

Claim Airdrop

Note: The 10 most referrals will be awarded a total of 500USDT. In addition, there will be 25 lucky winners each get 10USDT. Airdrop reward will be distributed to your wallet address on December 5.

NTER Airdrop on Bitwired


Bitwired launched the Nterprise (NTER) airdrop on November 11, 2020. New users who register from November 11, 2020 to November 18, 2020 can get 1000 NTER (worth $12.00. 200 NTER ($2.4) for each referral .

This airdrop will end on 18th November 2020. Tokens will be distributed to your bitwired account after airdrop end

Claim the airdrop

Sapien Referral Contest $1000 in ETH



Sign up for contest = 3 points

Join Sapien = 2 points

Like & follow Sapien = 1 point

Share this contest = 1 point

Referral signs up for contest = 1 point

Referral joins Sapien = 2 points

Add a wallet to Sapien = 10 points

Referral adds a wallet to Sapien = 10 points

To fully earn your points and qualify for prizes, please use the same email for signing up on Sapien as on this page.

Go to the Website

Sapien, the Social Network for Humans, is running a referral contest and
giving away $1000 USD in ETH* to the top 10 people on the leaderboard.
Contest ends at 11:59pm UTC, December 31.

Guaranteed Downline Club – $5 Sign Up Bonus


The GDLC is a Global Online Club of free members each growing their own downline of other people to follow them into a paying online business, an undetermined as of yet, as one big pre-assembled down line group instead of alone.

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