Revolut Sei Quiz Answers

Lesson 1 – What is Sei?

Question #1: What is Sei best described as?

Answer: The fastest Layer-1 blockchain.

Question #2: What is Sei primarily optimised for?

Answer: Any kind of consumer-grade decentralised application.

Question #3: What is Sei’s block finalisation time?

Answer: 390 milliseconds.

Lesson 2 – Sei’s technological innovations

Question #1: What distinguishes Sei’s Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) from traditional EVMs?

Answer: It is the world’s first parallelised EVM.

Question #2: What is the primary advantage of Sei’s Optimistic Parallelisation technology?

Answer: It allows transactions to be processed simultaneously.

Question #3: What is Sei DB tailored for?

Answer: Handling large amounts of data efficiently.

Lesson 3 – Sei’s key features & benefits

Question #1: What is single slot finality on Sei?

Answer: Confirming transactions within one network operation cycle.

Question #2: How does Sei enhance the user and developer experience?

Answer: By providing smooth and intuitive interactions for users and offering efficient tools for developers.

Question #3: What is the primary objective of the Parallel Stack framework?

Answer: Faciliating the development of maximally performant Layer-2 solutions.

Lesson 4 – Sei’s ecosystem

Question #1: What types of applications does Sei’s ecosystem support?

Answer: A broad range of applications, including digital asset exchanges and DeFi.

Question #2: What are the uses of the SEI token within the ecosystem?

Answer: For governance, staking, and paying transaction fees.

Question #3: What is Sei Network’s approach to sustaining its blockchain ecosystem?

Answer: Continuously improving its technology and architecture.


Ronin Coinbase Quest – Questions and Answers

Coinbase Ronin Quiz Answers

Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

It has a feature called “Learning rewards” where you can learn about various crypto and earn rewards.

Coinbase Ronin Quiz Answers

Question: How does Ronin introduce people to crypto?

Answer: Games.

Question: What is Ronin’s main mission?

Answer: Guide Web3 games towards mass adoption.

Question: Which is NOT a utility of the RONIN token?

Answer: Global Currency.

Question: Which Web3 game can you play on Ronin?

Answer: Pixels.


Question: What can you do with your Axies?


Answer: Battle, Collect, Evolve.

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$15k Babylon Airdrop ALERT! ‍Set Up Your Test Node NOW! (Step-by-Step Guide)

testnet coming in 2 day;

Here is how to position :

  • set up keplrwallet wallet and add babylon testnet through
  • go to manage visibility and search for babylon to make it visible in your wallet
  • copy bbn address
  • join their discord and claim tech role
  • navigate to faucet and input “!faucet “bbn address””
  • download and set up okx wallet
  • search sbtc and select sbtc BRC20 “set the default wallet address to native segwit”
  • copy sbtc BRC20 address
  • visit and paste your sbtc BRC20 address
  • enter 0.01 BTC, complete captcha
  • click send

You can stake once testnet is live –

Note:- Early stakers on the Babylon testnet will be rewarded with a commemorative Bitcoin Pioneer Pass NFT. The claim period will only be open for the first 7 days at launch and have limited supply

AAdd Chains to Keplr

Search and add these community repo chains on Keplr.

Note:- Early stakers on the Babylon testnet will be rewarded with a commemorative Bitcoin Pioneer Pass NFT. The claim period will only be open for the first 7 days at launch and have limited supply

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$30,000 MOON Reward Campaign


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Step 1: Enter your email address to participate

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