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Presented by Devs – The plan is to create a token that burns a small percentage of tokens with every transaction between holders, this will cause constant shrinkage which should make the token more valuable. In addition, it will be possible to mine the token in different ways, for example there will be an LP Mining Pool where you have to add liquidity and after that you can stake the LP token, a very small percentage (probably not even noticeable) will be taken from your LP token amount and this will be sent to the 0x0 burn address.

As a result, in addition to the normal liquidity pool on Uniswap, another pool will be added that continues to grow and is also not managed by anyone. In addition to this liquidity pool, there will also be mining pools where you do not have to add liquidity, the ARTEON-GPU and ARTEON-CPU pools, these will be stable tokens that you need and with which you can mine ARTEON. The purchase of these tokens will be made possible on the dashboard that we are going to create and for this you need to have ARTEON that you exchange for ARTEON-GPU or ARTEON-CPU. You pay a small fee in ARTEON for this exchange which will be distributed as a reward to people already in the GPU or CPU pool. You can at any time exchange your GPU or CPU tokens back to the number of ARTEON tokens that you initially used for the exchange. With the ARTEON-GPU token you will be able to mine more ARTEON than with the ARTEON-CPU token, these can also become NFT tokens, we are not sure about that yet. In addition, the plan is to add a regular stake function and to be fair we have more plans of course, but this is what we want to start with.

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Uniswap Not available yet

Uniswap Pair – Not available yet

Coingecko – Not available yet

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