Birdie Shot – BORA Airdrop



How to take part in the current “Birdie Shot – BORA Airdrop” at p2eAll will be explained.

Complete all the tasks to be eligible to win up to $1,500!

For 150 random winners, BORA is airdropping $20!
Depending on the rating of the references, the BORA airdrop might be valued up to $3,000!

  • TOP 1: $1,500 worth of BORA
  • TOP 2: $1,000 worth of BORA
  • TOP 3: $300 worth of BORA
  • TOP 4: $100 worth of BORA
  • TOP 5: $100 worth of BORA

1. Register p2eAll

*You can sign up with your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account.

2. Connect your wallet and p2eAll website

A Metamask or Kaikas wallet is required to participate in the airdrop.

For wallet installation and setup, please refer to the linked post.

If properly connected to your wallet, it displays as seen in the image below.

It only supports Metamask and Kaikas.

3. How to join airdrop event

Press the ‘Menu’ button and click the ‘Airdops’ button.

For desktop (PC), click the ‘Airdrops’ button at the top of the screen.

Birdie Shot: View the list of BORA airdrop events and select “Join Now.”

You can click the “Join” button after checking the airdrop event’s details.

To take part in the airdrop, you must finish the mission.

When you click the “?” button, you will immediately be sent to the relevant quest.

ACTION 1 – Refer to the blog’s intro for a description of the wallet connection procedure.

ACTION 2 – Select “Birdie Shot Project Favorites” from the menu.

ACTION 3 – Click ” Guild Request”

ACTION 4 – Please subscribe to the official p2eAll YouTube channel.

ACTION 5 – Download the game file (APK). If you country do not allow you to play this game.

ACTION 6 – Start the game, verify the User ID, and then type it into the airdrop page.

Birdie shot → Setting
Copy of User ID

Click the Submit button after entering the copied User ID.

ACTION 7 – Share Airdrop event to your friend ? (Referral)

Once you have finished all the tasks, copy the referral link and distribute it to your friends.
A significant prize will be awarded to the 5 participants who used the referral link to invite the most friends:)

Last Mission – When all tasks are finished, the screen will look like the one below.

One more time, kindly click the “Join Completed” button. It won’t be accepted as participation if you don’t press it.

Don’t forget to press join completed

The Birdie Shot-BORA airdrop participation process is now complete. 


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