BlockBets Casino Discord Giveaway



1️⃣ We have a **Special Event** for the **next 2 weeks** whereby we will be awarding **PRIZES ** to the winners! @everyone

2️⃣ To start off: Members who contribute to the community via chat engagement (knowledge sharing/being helpful/sending positive messages) will be gaining experience points

3️⃣ To check your level, head over to and use this command: `/rank`


1️⃣st  **1x iPhone 15 Pro** – reach **LVL 25** & have **at least 5 invites** to qualify **for a raffle**

2️⃣ to 5️⃣th **3x $500 in casino credits** – reach **LVL 20** & have **at least 3 invites** to qualify **for a raffle**

5️⃣ to 2️⃣5️⃣th **10x $100 in casino credits** + **20 Presale @WL Spots** – reach **LVL 15** to qualify **for a raffle**

The **top 3 invites** will each get **$250 in casino credits**

✅ Make sure that you do not spam as your messages will be disqualified!
✅ Make sure that you do not invite bots as it will be disqualified!
✅ The decision of the winner is final once is made and no one is allowed to question the team as the level and invites will be checked thoroughly.

The event ends on Sunday 21 April.

**Let the race begin**

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