Calvaria: Duels of Eternity Giveaway



Rewards Pool:

There will be a total of 250 winners.
50 Mystery boxes and a prize pool worth more than $1,500,000!
Each box contains NFTs and $RIA tokens. Win up to 5 NFTs (each worth up to $15,000), $50,000 in tokens and $10,000 in BUSD. Mystery boxes contain:

NFTs (minimal price of one NFT is $300 for common, rare NFTs go as high as $23,000. Total pool worth $400,000)
$RIA tokens (up to $50,000 worth of tokens in a box, total token pool worth $960,000)
USDT Prizes. (One wallet can win up to $10,000 BUSD, total pool worth $160,000).

*More entries lead to higher chances of winning a Mystery Box. 50 people with the most entries will get Mystery Boxes, while another 200 will win ($5000 worth) $RIA tokens. Refer friends to get more entries daily.

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