Coinmarketcap X Tokocrypto Learn & Earn Campaign Quiz Answers


Reward: 2$ worth of TKO tokens (Random 2000 participants)


1. First signup here:

2. Then Signup here: (KYC necessary)

3. Open this page and solve the quiz:

Quiz answers:

In what year was Tokocrypto established?
Ans: 2018

What is Tokocrypto Token called?
Ans: TKO / Toko Token

What kind of unique token is Toko Token / TKO ?
Ans: Hybrid Token

As an exchange platform token, TKO offers airdrop entitlement, merchandise redemption, and …
Ans: All of the above

Where can you buy and trade TKO ?
Ans: You can buy tko on binance

5 Utilities of TKO as a Hybrid Token are : Exchange Platform Token, CeFi and DeFi, Farming Pools, Lending Platform and …
Ans: Toko mall (NFT)

For Farming Pools what can users do with TKO? Users can lock/stake their TKOs and earn other tokens for free in a farming pool of their choice.
Ans: Yes

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