Get $20 Bonus with Bitstamp – Worldwide



Bitstamp is the “original global crypto exchange”. They’re a reputable Crypto, based in Luxembourg, with over a decade of history (it’s one of the OG crypto exchanges, created in 2011), and with worldwide coverage! They provide a clean trading platform, a lot of tools a decent fee structure, and an amazing referral program!

They have recently changed their referral program where they deposit $20 to your account when you trade $100 or more worth of crypto.


Follow these steps to get your $20:

  • Sign up using my referral link
  • Verify your identity
  • Deposit $100 to your Bitstamp account. You can deposit in EUR/GBP/Other supported currencies. You can also deposit in any crypto you like (I deposited around 100€ worth of XLM)
  • Use the $100 you just deposit to buy any crypto you like (I suggest purchasing XLM due to loo fees) or sell the $100 worth of crypto you just deposited. NOTE : To trigger the bonus you can either buy/sell, so it’s up to you 🙂
  • The bonus should be credited to your account within 24 hours
  • (optional step) They have a 3€ fee for EUR withdrawals, so I suggest converting everything to XLM, sending it to Coinb. Pro, and withdrawing your money there for a 0,20€ fee.

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