Get OCEAN NFT Free Binance Learn & Earn Series: A Total of $20,000 in OCEAN to be Given Away



Campaign Period: 2021-03-15 09:00 (UTC) until 2021-03-21 09:00 (UTC).

To qualify for this Learn & Earn promotion, please complete the following tasks before the end of the campaign:

  1. Complete Binance Account Verification.
  2. Follow Binance on Social Media within your region (listed below) and watch for the #BinanceLearnAndEarn hashtag and retweet it.
  3. Follow Ocean Protocol on Twitter:
  4. Learn about $OCEAN from the #BinanceLearn&Earn articles, Ocean Academy and the content posted on our social media channels daily.
  5. Complete the quiz that will be posted on Saturday in your region’s social media channels and pass the quiz to be eligible to win the reward.


Questions and answers:

1: A B C
2: C D
3: Metamast/Trust wallet
4: Send some eth to above address
5: A B C D
6: A B C
7: A B C
8: A
9: hello world TON LIEN
10: D
11: A C D
12: A
13: C
14: E
15: C
16: A
18: B
19: C
20: A B C E
21: B C
22: D
23: Blank

OCEAN NFT Free Binance Learn & Earn Series Quiz answers

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