Mega Gleam Event Grand Giveaway Competition 1st Batch



50000 USD To be Won From 50+ Metaverse Hub Partners

This will be in operation from October 12 – October 19 (6:29 PM UTC)

Galaxy Arena launches Mega grand giveaway campaign with 50+ Metaverse Hub Partners, 1st Batch includes: Tribal Punk, Menzy, Eizper Chain, RaceFi, TryHards

✅Galaxy Arena: 500$ worth $ESNC Toke
✅Tribal Punk: 4 Gift Box (Non-NFT) + 4000 $SO Tokens to each Winners Who completes All Tasks
✅Menzy: 8 Signature NFT’s by Artonar

✅Eizper Chain: 5 NFTs

✅RaceFi: 10 NFTs Quintus Car & 10 NFTs Citrin

✅TryHards: 20 Free LootBoxes

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