Meta World: My City – MBX Airdrop



?‘Meta World: My City’ Airdrop EVENT ?

⚡️100% to get MAX $100 for all the participants!

✅ All the participants (Limited to 51,281)
?100~?0.5 worth of MBX

✅ Top Referral REWARDS
?$3,000 – $200 worth of MBX

✅ Random Referral REWARDS
? $100 worth of MBX

How to join the airdrop Event?

You can take part in the airdrop event right away by clicking the link above. Join Now by clicking the ‘Join Now’ button.

Click the ‘Participate’ button at the bottom of the event information.

When you click the participation tab at the top, the action to participate in the airdrop will appear.

Please complete the action participation by clicking the arrow [] button to the right of each item.

 MBX WALLLET App Guide for Event Participation

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