PERPAY x p2eAll – 10,000 USD Airdrop



✅ How to participate
– Complete the events required actions
– On the day of the winner announcement, check the prize you have won (random)
– For more information on how to participate, see the guide below

? Prizes

  • 100 XPER – 450 people ($10 value)
  • 500 XPER – 10 people ($50 value)
  • 1,000 XPER – 5 people ($100 value)
  • Mystery Box NFT – 3 people

Guideline Perplay Airdrop:

At the bottom of the airdrop detail page, click the [Join and Take Actions] button.

2. Complete the Airdrop Quest

To apply for the event, click each item to complete all actions.

If you correctly complete the five actions, you’re in. All that remains is to wait for the lucky drawing!

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