PlasmaFinance CoinMarketCap Campaign: $5 PPAY – Quiz Answers


Step 1: Go to the quiz page and click on ‘take the quiz’

Then Signup here: (KYC necessary)

Step 2: Complete info.

First of all you must read & accept the terms, solve the captcha and provide the e-mail address associated with your CoinMarketCap account. Unlike the other quizzes, this one won’t require you a Binance account at all, just an ERC-20 Wallet address and your CMC account’s e-mail. After this you just need to complete the quiz.

PlasmaFinance is the one-stop-shop for all your DeFi needs. Which of the following can you do with PlasmaFinance?*

1. Earn passive income from staking and other DeFi activites

2. Access real-time market data and advanced analytics

3. Invest in the platform and earn a share of revenue

4. All of the above

Modern decentralized exchanges (DEXs) use an automated protocol whereby independent users can add their crypto assets to a common pool and earn a portion of all fees generated when others swap assets using this pool. PlasmaFinance lets users view all of these pools across all major DEXs so they can choose the most profitable ones. What is this passive income-earning DeFi activity commonly called?*

1. Asset Locking

2. Liquidity mining

3. Liquidity pooling

4. Yield farming

PlasmaFinance promotes the use of transparent, real-time on-chain market data to provide DeFi users with an unrivalled level of assurance. Which of these statements are NOT true about PlasmaFinance?*

1. You can connect to the most popular DeFi protocols like Uniswap and SushiSwap as well as specific token page information, to view, analyze and use them all in one dashboard.

2. You have to be careful about fake data, manipulated statistics and bot numbers when using PlasmaFinance, just as you would on centralized data sources.

3. You can filter your Market data by all kinds of categories such as by network, by IDO, or by trending.

4. You can access advanced analytics on Liquidity Pools to find the most profitable ones, filtering by Trading volume, pool size, APY and more.

When providing liquidity on DEXs, DeFi users must provide liquidity in a pair of assets. Retrieving and moving this liquidity from one liquidity pool to another involves at least 4 separate transactions. How many transactions do you need to perform on PlasmaFinance using the Flash Rebalancer tool?*

1. 4

2. 3

3. 1

4. 2

Which of the following is a unique feature of PlasmaSwap, which most DEXs are unable to offer to their users?*

1. Trade with limit orders

2. Connect multiple wallets

3. Buy crypto with fiat

4. All of the above

What is the abbreviation of PlasmaFinance’s native token that allows you to:*


2. PFP


4. PPP

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