Polkastarter Token Quiz Answers – Coinmarketcap Learn and Earn Program | Win Free $5 POLS Tokens


‍Coinmarketcap Quiz Link: https://coinmarketcap.jotform.com/211919118866969

Pre Requisites for CMC Learn & Earn Campaign;

– Coinmarketcap Account: 

– Binance (KYC Verified A/c)

– Must Participate only once per quiz

Q1. What is Polkastarter?

A. A lauchpad protocol to kickstart early-stage crypto projects.

Q2. What type of fundraising occurs on Polkastarter?


Q3. What does IDO stand for?

A. Initial Decentralized Offering

Q4. What are the benefits of a Polkastarter IDO to the projects that are fundraising? Select all that apply.

A. All of Above

Q5. Which of these chains is Polkastarter not live on?

A. Avalanche

Q6. What primary role does the POLS token play in a Polkastarter IDO?

A. Participants must hold POLS to be whitelisted for an IDO.

Q7. What is the minimum amount of POLS you have to own to be eligible for a Polkastarter IDO whitelist?

A. 250

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