SuperSolids: is about to change how NFTs are launched



There are only 5 solid tokens.

SuperSolids are 5 NFTs that have a unique launch mechanism built in from the very beginning.

There are only 5 perfect platonic solids, so to launch them as collectible, tradable and auctionable ERC721 NFTs makes a lot of sense by itself. The chance to own one, or more of the tokens will soon become a reality for anyone with some of the cryptocurrency BNB, Metamask , and a connection to the Binance Smart Chain.

More details and instructions:

So, what’s different about this launch mechanism?

When each token goes on sale it starts with a base price. Whenever a token is sold, it automatically goes on sale again with an increase in price by 30%.

  • 115% goes to the previous token owner.
  • 5% goes to the team for development and marketing.
  • 5% goes into a “token holder fund” which becomes available to the token holder when there has been no sale for 4 hours.
  • 5% goes to the referrer. For details on how to participate in the referral system, check here. If there is no referrer, the 5% also goes into the token holder fund.

Start Earning Super Solid

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