SyncSwap Testnet (Potential Airdrop)


SyncSwap is a seamless decentralized exchange (DEX) on the zkSync Era by MatterLabs. Powered by zero-knowledge technology, SyncSwap brings more people easy-to-use and low-cost DeFi with complete Ethereum security.

The vision for SyncSwap would be to build a one-stop-shop DeFi hub that is totally seamless and easy to use with innovative features.

Bring user-friendly and accessible DeFi products to more people that even never heard about Ethereum — on the scaled Ethereum.

I have discussed about SyncSwap and its Testnet OAT before on my Telegram Group and Channel.

I believe now SyncSwap is in the final stage of the testnet, so you can test the platform today. It may useful for you in the future drops.

ZkSync Era Network:

Goerli Faucet:

Bridge ETH to ZkSync here:

Now lets test the platform itself

  • Go to and connect through zkSync Era Network
  • Get in-platform test tokens by clicking FAUCET
  • Use SWAP feature
  • Enter Amount and Click Unlock USDT
  • Now Click SWAP
  • Go POOL and Click New Position
  • Choose Tokens and Enter Pool
  • Go to Deposit and Add LP Between Two Tokens
  • Withdraw the LPs

Provide FeedBack on Discord:

That’s all for today!

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