ThunderSwap Confirmed Testnet Airdrop


Today is a significant day for the Blitz⚡, as the highly anticipated Thunder Swap DEX on the Arbitrum network is on the verge of being launched. However, before we take that step, we need the community’s help in testing and refining the platform!

Thunder Swap⚡ aims to be a feature-rich DEX that offers all the basic features, while also delivering an innovative and user-friendly experience. Our mission is to provide a simpleaccessible, and cost-effective service to all users. That’s why a testnet is necessary to ensure that the mainnet launch is flawless and problem-free.

We value the input of our beta testers and plan to record their addresses for an upcoming event, as we want to reward those who help us bring this project to life.

For the first version of Thunder Swap, we are deploying contracts for the three key features available upon launch:

  • ? Swapping
  • ? Staking/Farming
  • ⚡️ Zap (1-Click LP)

You can test all these features on the Goerli testnet.And guess what? Thunder Swap has even innovated by creating its own Faucet, making it easier for users to access the testnet.

Here’s a quick guide on how to use the Testnet:

1/ Browse to ThunderSwap DApp

2/ Connect your wallet

3/ Add or Switch to Goerli RPC

4/ Get some GoerliETH with ThunderSwap Faucet

5/Have fun testing the first features on the Website

Finally to complete all the below mention

  • ? Swapping
  • ? Staking/Farming
  • ⚡️ Zap (1-Click LP)

Take note of any issues or suggestions you may have and report them to the Thunder Swap team through their community channels.

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