Nosis Community Rally Competition


Rally Rewards 🏆

1st Top Referrer: $100

2nd Top Referrer: $50

3rd Top Referrer: $25

10 Random Participants to Receive $10 Each

Note: 1. All tasks will be verified. Entries with fake details will be invalidated.

  1. Rewards will be distributed within two weeks after the competition ends.
  2. All tasks should be completed in order win the reward.

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GOG Referral Program: Guild of guardians


Let’s get started! Here is your official referral link 👇

So how does it work?
The goal is simple. Refer and earn! For every successful referral, participants will receive 1 $GOG token! The more referrals you sign-up the more tokens you’ll receive. Easy!

What you need to know:
This is a week-long program designed to empower and reward the Guild of Guardians community! The program will end at 6pm AEST October 5th. Any referrals beyond that time will not be considered successful referrals.

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WonderSea Token Airdrop


Complete all the tasks and share with your friends.
Get as many entries as possible and be the big winner!

5,000,000 WSF token for Top 1,000 entries

Top 1: 250,000 WSF/user
Top 2: 200,000 WSF/user
Top 3: 150,000 WSF/user
Top 4-10: 50,000 WSF/user
Top 11-20: 25,000 WSF/user
Top 21-50: 15,000 WSF/user
Top 51-100: 8,000 WSF/user
Top 101-1000: 3,333 WSF/user
Listing Rate: 1 BNB = 50,000 WSF


⏰Campaign Period: Sep 19, 2022 (04:00 UTC) — Sep 30, 2022 (15:00 UTC)


Prizes will be distributed on November 05, 2022

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p2eAll Event – Total prize $37,000


STEP 1. Member registration and login
STEP 2. Bookmark 2 or more favorite projects registered in p2eAll
STEP 3. MyPage → My Profile → Management Wallet → Connect Wallet (Metamask)
STEP 4. Click MyPage → My Profile → press “How to participate” button!
STEP 5. Subscribe to p2eAll Youtube

[Event 1 Detailed Guide to Participation]

Will explain to you

how to participate in the event in detail

p2eall play to earn airdrop event

Click the ‘Login’ button

at the top of the p2All website.

  1. Membership registration (Log In)
p2eall play to earn airdrop event
You can sign up with your SNS account

You can easily sign up with

Google, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

2. Connect to the Wallet (Metamask & Kaikas)

p2eall play to earn airdrop event

The My Profile menu appears,

when you press the person icon.

My page → Click My Profile

p2eall play to earn airdrop event
Management Wallet Menu → Connect Wallet

Click ‘Connect your Wallet‘ on Management Wallet Menu

p2eall play to earn airdrop event
Connect to the Metamask or Kaikas Wallet

Connect the Kaikas or Metamask wallet to participate in the event.

p2eall play to earn airdrop event
Connection to Metamask or Kaikas

When the connection is complete, the wallet address is displayed.

Please check the address if the wallet is linked well.

You can enter the event even if you connect only one of the two wallets.

3. Add 2 project to My Favorite

p2eall play to earn airdrop event

Favorite Project

p2eall play to earn airdrop event
Click the favorite button

On the right side of the project details page.
Click the Favorites button.

p2eall play to earn airdrop event
The button will turn yellow when the favorite is complete
p2eall play to earn airdrop event
My Profile → Favorite Project

2 or more projects among the projects registered

in p2eAll are registered as favorites,

the event participation is complete~!

4. Subsribe p2eAll Official Youtube (Korean or Global)

p2eall play to earn airdrop event
Click on how to participate in the event in the center of My Page

Click the ‘How to Join Event’ button located in the center of My Page.

Subscribe p2eAll YouTube Channel (Korean or Global)

p2eall play to earn airdrop event
subscribe to the p2eAll YouTube channel

You will be directed to the p2eAll official YouTube channel,

and if you click Subscribe to the YouTube channel !

Don’t forget to subscribe youtube

If you miss to subscribe youtube you will not able to get the prize 🙁

If you follow all 4 steps the event 1 application is complete.

[Detail contents about Event 1]

  • Event Duration
    September 8, 2022 to October 6, 2022 12:00 (UTC)
  • How to join the Event
p2eall play to earn airdrop event
Event 1 – How to participate it

– Sign up on the p2eAll website.
– My Page → My Profile → Wallet Management, connect a Metamask or Kaikas Wallet to participate in the event
– Subscribe to the p2eAll YouTube channel by clicking the event participation button
– Participation is completed by adding 2 or more projects using the Favorites function
– To qualify, participation and activity must be continued through the event’s conclusion.

  • Prize Info
    KLAY worth $30 each to 1,000 people through a raffle
  • Winning notice and payment due date
    Winners will be announced within 14 days of the event & Airdrop within 14 days of announcement

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