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What is pumping?dollar You may be wondering what this Discord group is for. In short, this group was created to push the price of cryptocurrencies.How do we push the price of cryptocurrencies? We coordinately buy, share news and sell. This causes a coin to increase in price in a few minutes.Too good to be true? Well, it’s real. We advise our new members to watch a few pumps and join us only when they feel comfortable.

Krypto – Win Reward Cards worth up to 0.02 BITCOIN


Join Krypto and win reward cards worth up to 0.02 BITCOIN. In addition to this first 150K users can trade for free using Krypto and also send cryptocurrenices to your friends for free.

Use the Krypto app Feature Rewards and invite your peers to use Krypto !

Redeem the referral code and earn reward cards! K9GOQA

Earn rewards by > Entering referral code in Settings and completing KYC > Make sure your peers complete their KYC

Use my referral code to get reward card worth upto *0.02 BTC*Code : K9GOQA

1. Register and go to Settings and do the KYC Verification with real information

2. The KYC verification takes around 3-4 hours, but can take up to 24 h, they don’t send notifications, so you have to Manually check the status in the app

3. *After you are verified , go to Settings -> Referral Code > Redeem and insert my code: K9GOQA and you will receive a reward!

Download Now:


Android :

iOS: Coming Soon

CoronaPuppers | Breedable NFTs (Discord Competition)


Between now and the end of Friday (05/03) they’ll be holding a competition to see who of you pups can invite the most people .

No bots allowed – we will know and you’ll be disqualified ! Users who leave will be counted against you.

First place: 0.2 ETH
Second place: 0.1 ETH
Third Place: 0.05 ETH

Winners will also receive a Limited Edition Original Rona Pupper NFT and a free store on as well as access to the breeding pit.






-Be at least 18 years old

-Have ID or passport

-Proof of address (Bank statement, invoice or statement)



When will I receive the € 40?

From the moment you verify they have up to 5 business days to pay.

How and where will I receive the € 40?

You will receive the € 40 directly to your account or through a code with which you can top up the account. To redeem it, enter the BlackCatCard menu> Recharge account> Scan code> enter manually. AA1N9X

Will the card get home to me?

Yes, even if you do not request it, they will send it to you.


1. Go to the promotion page and download the BlackCatCard app by clicking Get the app:

(It is not a referral link, it is only for you to download the app. The code for the € 40 is in step 4)

The first thing you should do is change the language of the app, by default it comes in English: *Below you see examples in Spanish

Image for post

Click on register, scroll down and accept all the boxes:

Image for post

2. Now start the registration, enter your phone number and enter the verification code.

Now fill in your personal information:

Image for post

Enter your name exactly as it appears on your ID or passport.

Then enter your address exactly the one that you put on your ID:

Image for post

And choose the free shipping of your card

Image for post

The card is sent to you even if you don’t want to (shipping, maintenance and issuance are completely free)

3. Now fill in the details of your identity document:

Image for post

In document number put the document number

(the number to the left of the validity date on the ID)

In issued by pon if you do it with. DNI

If you do it with a passport: put the characters that are in number 9 of your passport called Authority and start with DGP, enter it without spaces or hyphens, all in full.


Image for post



If you don’t put it in, they won’t give you € 40.


Check both boxes. You are not a politician and neither are your relatives.

You will have to take a photo of your ID or passport. *

Put your mobile horizontally to take the photo. I recommend that you try it several times and in a well-lit place since it is quite difficult for the system to identify it automatically.

* Patience when you take the photos of your identity document and selfie since the verification system is very sensitive and the place from which you take the photos must be well lit.

There is no solution if it gives you an error, you should try until it is automatically detected.

Next you must take a selfie with the same system.

Check the box and hit send.

5. Finally you must upload a proof of address in which your full name and address appear.

Extracts from any traditional bank account are valid

(several fintech like Revolut do not accept them)

They also accept registration, water, electricity, gas, internet or telephone bills or the income and taxes declaration.

6. You will have to wait for your account to be verified. They usually take a few days but sometimes it can take up to 20 days.

7. In less than 5 business days since you registered, you receive the € 40 directly to the account or the code to redeem it through top up.

Register now

DeFi Projects KingSwap y RioDeFi se asocian para impulsar las recompensas

KingSwap agrega el token RFUEL de RioDeFi y Farming Pool a su plataforma, al tiempo que agrega nuevas recompensas para los participantes de DEX

Los proyectos de DeFi KingSwap ( y RioDeFi anunciaron hoy una asociación para aumentar las recompensas para los usuarios, con el objetivo de aumentar la participación en grupos de participación en Staking y Farming Pool. A través de esta asociación, KingSwap incluirá los tokens RFUEL de RioDeFi en su intercambio descentralizado (DEX). RioDeFi también proporcionará Farming Pool en KingSwap para todos los usuarios que quieran generar rendimiento a partir de RFUEL.

KingSwap recompensará tanto a los comerciantes como a los proveedores de liquidez por usar DEX. Cualquier usuario que proporcione liquidez para el par RFUEL-USDT en el DEX de KingSwap recibirá tokens RFUEL-USDT KLP (Proveedor de liquidez King). Los usuarios de KingSwap que operen en el grupo RFUEL-USDT recibirán KST (Tokens de deslizamiento de KingSwap) por cada operación ejecutada. Tanto los tokens KLP como los tokens KST se pueden apostar en el grupo de Farming Pool RFUEL. Todas las estimaciones de APY se basan en la cantidad de usuarios que participan en cada Farming Pool, así como en el precio relativo de RFUEL a USDT.

“KingSwap y RioDeFi comparten la misión de impulsar la adopción de DeFi a través de funciones fáciles de usar y de alta recompensa”, dijo Malcolm Tan, asesor en jefe de KingSwap. “La oportunidad de colaborar les brinda a nuestros usuarios nuevas ventajas, al tiempo que impulsa la actividad DEX en la plataforma KingSwap”.

KingSwap es una plataforma de liquidez de alto rendimiento que ofrece amplias recompensas de participación, coleccionables digitales y conversiones fiduciarias. Una evolución de Uniswap, KingSwap ofrece funciones fáciles de usar que brindan beneficios en tiempo real en términos de curvas de precios y recompensas para los contribuyentes. El mes pasado, KingSwap logró $ 4 millones de dólares en volumen de transacciones en sus primeros tres días en Uniswap. Las funciones DEX de KingSwap están disponibles directamente a través de su sitio web

KingSwap fue fundado por un equipo de líderes experimentados en banca, finanzas y cripto, incluido el Dr. Anish Mohammed, quien ha asesorado y trabajado para compañías como HSBC, Lloyds y Zurich, y fue uno de los primeros asesores de Ripple and Ocean Protocol; Dunstan Teo, arquitecto jefe del Protocolo Fido y presidente de Sanctum Pte Ltd.

Los asesores de KingSwap incluyen al capitalista de riesgo Dr. Giampaolo Parigi (PhD); El profesor Alex Nascimento (MBA), profesor y cofundador de Blockchain en UCLA; Michael Terpin, fundador y director ejecutivo de Transform Group y cofundador de BitAngels; Lionel Iruk, Esq. (J.D), Dr. Robert Choi (PhD) y Frank D. (MBA).
Para obtener más información sobre KingSwap, únase al grupo KingSwap Telegram o siga el proyecto en Twitter.

KingSwap ( es un proyecto DeFi con sede en Singapur que está introduciendo una plataforma de fondo de liquidez con conversiones fiduciarias. La plataforma de liquidez de alto rendimiento de KingSwap ofrece amplias recompensas de participación, coleccionables digitales y conversiones fiduciarias. Una evolución de Uniswap, KingSwap ofrece funciones fáciles de usar que brindan beneficios en tiempo real en términos de curvas de precios y recompensas para los contribuyentes.

RioDeFi acelera la adopción masiva de activos digitales al unir las finanzas tradicionales y descentralizadas. La visión de RioDeFi es un mundo en el que todos tengan acceso a servicios financieros descentralizados (DeFi). RioDeFi desarrolla soluciones que conectan instituciones bancarias con sistemas blockchain. Las aplicaciones RioDeFi permiten tarifas de transacción más bajas, confirmaciones más rápidas, más eficiencia, mejores retornos para los titulares de cuentas de ahorro y alcance global.

Website | Telegram Community | Twitter | DEX | Info | Card Program

Coinbase Numeraire Quiz Answers! Free $3 NMR

Quiz Answers:

  1. A global community of data scientists.
  2. Back up predictions and data.
  3. Nothing.

What is NMR?

Numerai is an AI-run, crowd-sourced hedge fund based in San Francisco. South African technologist Richard Craib created it in October 2015. Its primary competitors are other open-source trading platforms mainly QuantConnect, and WorldQuant.

The Numerai Tournament is where you build machine learning models on abstract financial data to predict the stock market. Your models can be staked with the NMR cryptocurrency to earn rewards based on performance.

The staked models of Numerai are combined to form the Meta Model, which controls the capital of the Numerai hedge fund across the global stock market.

An AI-fueled determines Numerai’s trades by a network of thousands of anonymous data scientists.

Numerai hosts a weekly tournament in which data scientists submit their predictions in exchange for the potential to earn some amount of USD and cryptocurrency called Numeraire. Numerai raised $7.5 million in 2016 in two funding rounds.

The company was the world’s first AI hedge fund to create its own cryptocurrency.

Big Floppa Coin Airdrop



Big Floppa Coin is a platform that rewards meme creators with tokens and preserves memes forever on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts. Vloggers get paid through youtube, bloggers get paid through adsense, but meme creators who spend hours creating memes that the whole community enjoys are unappreciated…. UNTIL NOW. The Big Floppa Platform will also be censorship resistant so meme creators cannot have their memes removed as they will stored permanently in the Ethereum blockchain. They only have a marketcap of 60k USD rn an are about to get listed on coinmarketcap, once they are listed this could go to $10Mil USD easily.

I like the coin.

Free coins: