GET 200 IOTX = $4.2 (for first 5,000 users) Coinmarketcap IOTX QUIZ Answers

After FCFS 5,000 users completed, 20k random users will get 200 IOTX each

1. Create Account on Binance
( Step Register, Click Here )

Quiz Link: 

 Enter Coinmarketcap Email
– Enter Binance UID
– Answer QUIZ

1. Building the connected world
2. Blockchain, Decentralized Identity, Real World Data Oracles, Secure Hardware
3. All of the above
4. Deflationary over time
5. The Internet of Trusted Things
6. Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon

Note : You must Complete KYC on Binance to get reward

DeNations Discord Bounty


DeNations (Decentralized Nations) is a blockchain-powered metaverse game, where you can own nations, build cities, and manage civilization.

Event Duration: Two weeks (from 24th May to 7th June)

Approximately $1,050 will be distributed to the winners.

Steps to participate:

1. Create your own invitation link

2. Share the link 3.

3. Join the server through the link :

Number of Winners:

4 who invited friends MOST

1st : 4 DN Ownership NFTs = 420 USD

2nd : 3 DN Ownership NFTs = 315 USD

3rd : 2 DN Ownership NFTs = 210 USD

4th : 1 DN Ownership NFT = 105 USD

Revuto Airdrop: 10 REVU Worth ~$30


Revuto is a clean, intuitive, and easily accessible single dashboard subscription management service. Revuto’s mission is to save customers time, energy, and money by completely redefining the subscription management experience.

– Verify your Email
– Set your Password
– Done

Airdrop rewards will be distributed to your wallet on 22th May 2021

Claim Airdrop

Elrond x Maiar Airdrop


Maiar is launching a new and delightful app soon, to reimagine blockchain and money. All powered by @ElrondNetwork and $EGLD.

Join the waiting list early so we both get it faster:

▪️MAIAR Airdrop Whitelist
▪️Rewards up to $600

▪️ Simple task :
Join waitlist and verify your e-mail address


Note: Events end 1 day remaining

Bluebitex Exchange Airdrop: 900 BBE (55,8 $)


Step by Step

  • Register on Blubitex exchange.
  • Click on your profile and claim 500 BBE tokens. Once you click on the “claim” button on the account page, airdrop rewards will be
    credited to your Blubitex wallet immediately.
  • Apply to complete KYC process. (+100 BBE)
  • If your KYC process verified, you will earn 300 BBE.

Act fast! The sooner the BBE is in your wallet the more value it will have upon trade release day in March 2021.