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? Binance NFTeaching – Test your knowledge about NFTs Quiz Answers :

  1. non-fungible token
  2. CZ
  3. @BinanceNFTs
  4. Yes and admins will never contact you with an unsolicited private messages!
  5. It gives thieves opportunities to infiltrate my assets
  6. Fungibility means that an asset’s individual units are interchangeable and essentially indistinguishable from each other.
  7. trustwallet, metamask
  8. All of the Above
  9. bakeryswap, treasureland
  10. an application…
  11. Beeple
  12. End of June 2021
  13. Decentralised Finance
  14. NFTs Explained: Everything You Need To Know – Guide to mint NFT
  15. David
  16. brian, jawad
  17. Art NFT, Defi NFT, Gaming and Collectibles NFT
  18. CZ Rambo
  19. Nicole
  20. Members of the Binance community who support you
  21. Vignesh Sundaresan
  22. ERC-1155
  23. cryptopunks are collectible
    24.Most of the work will involve looking at your NFT on a blockchain explorer such as BscScan.
  24. Decentraland is a blockchain-based card collection game.
  25. bake, bnb, eth
  26. binance smart chain
  27. no
  28. “What is an NFT?”
  29. NyanCat, Charlie Bit Me, Overly Attached Girlfriend, Disaster Girl
  30. Bake
  31. Fear of missing out
  32. Binance smart chain
  33. computation fee
  34. Doge
  35. Artur
  36. Decentralized Autonomous Organization
  37. NFTs can be used by decentralized applications (DApps) to issue unique digital items and crypto-collectibles.
  38. Authenticity, Truly limited editions, Ownership
  39. Bibi Series
  40. 2 Factor Authentification
  41. yes
  42. yes
  43. colored coins
  44. To avoid any legal issues
  45. private keys are permanently
  46. True
  47. funds are safe \ the secure asset fund for users
  48. Gas fee from interacting with the smart contract associated with the sale.
  49. Thor
  50. NFTs remove the middlemen and gatekeepers.
  51. no
  52. Nick Szabo
  53. Use the transaction history ID to see if your NFT matches up
  54. Axie Infinity, Battle Pets and CryptoKitties
  55. Bakery Swap, Pancake Swap, Battle Pets
  56. All of the above
  57. A program where selected creators get to mint their artwork into NFTs and be featured on Binance NFT Marketplace in the first month of its launching.
  58. the cheap, the expensive, the unsold
  59. Jack Dorsey
  60. Directly from the wallet to the recipient’s ERC-721 NFT address
  61. Michael Owen, Lewis Capaldi
  62. All of the above
  63. 7,5M
  64. The standard allows for creating contracts that support both fungible and non-fungible tokens
  65. Select All options

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