OD Community Lift-Off ✈️: Taking off together with $10,000 in Prizes!



Leaderboard Prizes

$10,000 in Prizes: The $10,000 reward pool will be our first major funded community event, but certainly not the last.

Prize details:

  • 1st place:
    • $2,000 in $rETH Open Dollar Vault
    • Testnet #1 Earner NFT
  • 2nd-5th:
    • $1,000 in $rETH Open Dollar Vault
    • Testnet Top 5 NFT
  • 6th-10th:
    • $400 in $rETH Open Dollar Vault
    • Testnet Top 10 NFT

Raffle prizes

The more points you earn, the higher your odds of winning.

We will raffle off 5 vaults worth $400 each at the conclusion of this campaign. With live updates and more campaigns launching over the next few months, we’re just getting started.

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