Rhino Family X Coinstages Mega Airdrop



Rhino family P2E project is about bringing to the life new Game Rhino Family, for the youngest but also for the all families. Our Project is crowdfund by the communities, investors and stakeholders. We have our own Crypto Token RiFu on Ethereum Blockchain.

Smart Contract

—- Airdrop Details —-

• ?Prize: $200,000 USD in $RiFu Token

• ?Winners: 10,000 FCFS + 7,500 Random gets $10 USD in $RiFu

• ?Top 20 Referral Gets

Top 1 Get $5,000 USD in $RiFu
Top 2 Get $4,000 USD in $RiFu
Top 3 Get $3,000 USD in $RiFu
Top 4 Get $2,000 USD in $RiFu

Top 5 Get $1,000 USD in $RiFu
Top 6-20 Get $666.66 USD in $RiFu

• ⏰Time: 5th March – 12th March 2023

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