$15k Babylon Airdrop ALERT! ‍Set Up Your Test Node NOW! (Step-by-Step Guide)

testnet coming in 2 day;

Here is how to position :

  • set up keplrwallet wallet and add babylon testnet through chains.keplr.app
  • go to manage visibility and search for babylon to make it visible in your wallet
  • copy bbn address
  • join their discord discord.gg/babylonglobal and claim tech role
  • navigate to faucet and input “!faucet “bbn address””
  • download and set up okx wallet
  • search sbtc and select sbtc BRC20 “set the default wallet address to native segwit”
  • copy sbtc BRC20 address
  • visit signetfaucet.com and paste your sbtc BRC20 address
  • enter 0.01 BTC, complete captcha
  • click send

You can stake once testnet is live – pioneers.babylonchain.io

Note:- Early stakers on the Babylon testnet will be rewarded with a commemorative Bitcoin Pioneer Pass NFT. The claim period will only be open for the first 7 days at launch and have limited supply

AAdd Chains to Keplr

Search and add these community repo chains on Keplr.



Note:- Early stakers on the Babylon testnet will be rewarded with a commemorative Bitcoin Pioneer Pass NFT. The claim period will only be open for the first 7 days at launch and have limited supply

Celebrate Lunar New Year with MetaBlox

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Metablox Token

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How to join:
1. Download App & Create Account!
2. Use This Refer code 78657041
3. Check in with any MetaBlox WiFi to earn you 30 extra points bonus!
4 Join this event by clicking on the “Join Now” banner on the event page.
5. Complete the minimum criteria for the token airdrop.

For more details: https://medium.com/@metabloxnetwork/metablox-airdrops-tokens-in-lunar-new-year-0b911c552562

TetherTV – $USDTV Giveaway Event


TetherTV – Giveaway Event
Event Period: Starts on 02/17, ends on 03/17.
Total Distributed: 50,000 $USDTV.
Current Exchange Rate: 1 $USDTV = 14 USD.
Number of Winners: 1000.

Prize Distribution:
1st place: 3,000 $USDTV
2nd place: 2,000 $USDTV
3rd place: 1,000 $USDTV
4th to 500th place: 60.36 $USDTV each
501st to 1000th place: 30 $USDTV each

Objective of the Giveaway:
Main goal with this event is to increase engagement with our community and spread knowledge about our innovative technology, which promises to revolutionize the TV, streaming, and entertainment market

Go To Giveaway

$30,000 MOON Reward Campaign


Ending: From January 23 – March 10 2024

Distribution: within 3 days after airdrop ends


Total Reward Pool: $30,000 worth of $MOON

Reward for 1,500 FCFS, 1,500 Eligible Random Winners & Top 100 Referrers

1,500 Random winners will receive $6 worth of $MOON each

1500 FCFS participants will receive $5 worth of $MOON each

Top 100 Referrers will share $13,500 worth of $MOON

Top 1: $2,500 in $MOON

Top 2: $1000 in $MOON

Top 3-10: $450 in $MOON each

Top 11-20: $150 in $MOON each

Top 21-50: $80 in $MOON each

Top 51-100: $50 in $MOON each


Step 1: Enter your email address to participate

Step 2: Complete all the tasks to be eligible for the campaign

Go To Giveaway

Dop Quiz Answers — Road to Mainnet (All Weeks)

Week 2:

Question 1: What is the main issue addressed by DOP?
And. Over-transparency

Question 2: Why do individuals in Web3 want to encrypt their assets?
Ans. To protect sensitive financial information

Question 3: What is NOT a reason for individuals wanting to showcase their assets?
Ans. Wanting to receive targeted crypto ads

Question 4: What is the transparency vs privacy dilemma?
Ans. Users disagree on the extent of transparency and privacy

Question 5: What does selective transparency mean?
Ans. Deciding which data to encrypt and share

Question 6: What is the primary benefit of DOP for individual users?
Ans. Full data ownership

Question 7: What does DOP enable users to do with their financial data?
Ans. Choose what to display and to whom

Question 8: Currently, which blockchain does DOP work with?
Ans. Ethereum

Question 9: What date did DOP reach 100K X followers?
Ans. 17th December 2023

Question 10: In what country did DOP host a December Christmas?
Ans. Philippines

Week 3:

Question 1: What is the main challenge that larger and established businesses face when considering the use of cryptocurrencies in their day-to-day financial operations?
Ans: B. Over-transparency

Question 2: Why might businesses want to accept payments in crypto?
Ans: A. To attract and retain tech-savvy customers

Question 3: Why do businesses want to encrypt their assets when using crypto?
Ans: B. To comply with legal requirements and/or internal policies

Question 4: What is DOP’s main purpose?
Ans: A. To redefine data ownership

Question 5: What does ‘selective transparency’ mean?
Ans: D. Choosing what data to disclose and keep private

Question 6: How does DOP benefit business users operating in crypto?
Ans: C. By giving full data ownership and selective transparency

Question 7: What does DOP allow users to choose regarding their data?
Ans: B. Who can view their data and when

Question 8: Why do businesses use DOP?
Ans: C. To keep data confidential while staying compliant

Question 9: What are the on-chain benefits of DOP or business?
Ans: D. Lower transaction fees and greater throughput

Question 10: What does DOP work with currently, and what is its future integration plan?
Ans: B. DOP works with Ethereum and MetaMask, planning to become chain- agnostic and integrate with most wallets

Question 11: What does DOP advocate for regarding data stewardship?
Ans: B. Selective transparency

Question 12: Why is proving the legitimacy of funds important for businesses using crypto in Web3?
Ans: C. To prevent money laundering and fraud

Question 13: How does DOP address the challenge of proving the legitimacy of funds while maintaining privacy?
Ans: C. By offering a middle ground between privacy and transparency

Question 14: How many official X (Twitter) community accounts does DOP own? (incl. the main account)
Ans: D. 5

Question 15: How many users did DOP celebrate recently that completed the testnet?
Ans: A. 1M users

Week 4:

Quiz: DOP for Safety: Enhancing Blockchain

Question 1: How do ‘dirty’ assets typically find their way into regular wallets?

Ans: B. By random airdrops or intentional transfers by bad actors

Question 2: What is one of the problems that DOP addresses?

Ans: B. Receiving ‘dirty’ assets without knowing

Question 3: What happens when a wallet is flagged as ‘dirty’?

Ans: C. The wallet is at risk of being blocked from exchanges

Question 4: What technology does DOP utilize to validate transactions without revealing underlying data?

Ans: A. zk-SNARKs and ECDSA

Question 5: What are ‘smart bouncers”?

Ans: C. Smart contract guards preventing DOP from ‘dirty’ assets

Question 6: How do smart bouncers work in the DOP ecosystem?

Ans: C. They check the sender’s wallet and assets for any red flags

Question 7: Why do users turn to DOP for security?

Ans: D. To ensure their wallets are never flagged as ‘dirty’

Question 8: What is one benefit users gain by using DOP?

Ans: C. Protection from receiving illicit transactions

Question 9: Which statement best describes the role of Chainalysis in the DOP ecosystem?

Ans: B. Chainalysis ensures no ‘dirty’ assets enter the ecosystem

Question 10: What do users need to do to ensure they receive clean assets?

Ans: C. Provide their DOP wallet address for transactions

Question 11: Why might a wallet be flagged as ‘dirty”?

Ans:: B. Because of suspicious or criminal activity associated with it

Question 12: What date did we hit 1M Followers on X?

Ans: C. Feb 8th 2024

Question 13: What date does Galxe – Road to Mainnet end?

Ans: B. Tuesday Feb 27th 2024

Question 14: Every Saturday we post a series of Educational posts, what are they called?

Ans: A. DOP Master Series

Question 15: In what country did we recently host a DOP event?

Ans: A. Japan

QUIZ 2 Answer Key: Are you a DOP expert?

  1. C
  2. B
  3. D
  4. B
  5. B
  6. A
  7. C
  8. D

Revolut Oasis Quiz Answers

Lesson 1: Intro to Oasis

Question: Why is the Oasis Network token named ROSE?

Answer: Roses symbolize privacy.

Question: When was the Oasis Network launched?

Answer: 2018.

Question: Which of the following is an Oasis community programme?

Answer: All of the above.

Lesson 2: How Oasis works

Question: How does Oasis achieve efficiency and confidentiality in its transactions?

Answer: By operating separate consensus and application layers.

Question: What secure computing technology does Oasis use?

Answer: Trusted Execution Environment.

  • #3: What name is given to Oasis computing environments that have a shared state?
    • Answer: Parallel Runtimes.

Lesson 3: Oasis and Smart Privacy

Question: What problem does Oasis privacy solve?

Answer: Blockchain Privacy Dilemma.

Question: What does the Oasis Network build?

Answer: Smart privacy for dApps.

Question: What cross-chain privacy framework did Oasis build?

Answer: Oasis Privacy Layer.

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