Celebrate Lunar New Year with MetaBlox


Download Link App: https://metablox.io/download-app Referral Code: 78657041

I recently started using MetaBlox App, and it has been an incredible experience so far! It is a revolutionary app that delivers enterprise-enterprise level WiFi roaming to the public worldwide, for access to Web3 and the Metaverse, upgraded security, savings on cellular services, and a superior user experience overall.I believe it could make a positive impact on your interest, too!

Download Link: https://metablox.io/download-app Referral Code: 78657041

Metablox Token

➡️Airdrop Link: https://metablox.io/download-app

How to join:
1. Download App & Create Account!
2. Use This Refer code 78657041
3. Check in with any MetaBlox WiFi to earn you 30 extra points bonus!
4 Join this event by clicking on the “Join Now” banner on the event page.
5. Complete the minimum criteria for the token airdrop.

For more details: https://medium.com/@metabloxnetwork/metablox-airdrops-tokens-in-lunar-new-year-0b911c552562

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