The Imps NFT – Public Implist Giveaway



In celebration of our upcoming mint we are excited to host a special giveaway competition πŸ’ΈπŸ‘ΊπŸŽ

The Imps is a fantasy and lore-based RPG with an action-packed MOBA-style combat system based on Dante’s Inferno. Get your Imp and drink devil’s lean to transmorph your NFT into an even stronger one, purge each other in the PvP-NFT arena, form your own Impgangs to silence Cerberus, carve imp idols, become the next devil’s advocate, defeat dungeons and explore the deep lore while finding out about the experienced team and partners behind the project. The diabolic world of The Imps awaits those bold enough to conquer it. 😈

πŸ† Prize Pool πŸ†

First Place: 666 USD
Second Place: 6x OG Implist
Third Place: 25x Implist
Fourth Place: 15x 10 USD

πŸ“… Duration:

Dec 11, 2022 5:00 pm (UTC) – Dec 18, 2022 05:00 pm (UTC)


Follow all tasks and make sure to refer to a friend to increase your chance of winning!

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