Coinmarketcap X FIO protocol Learn Program Reward: 20 FIO [~8$] (first 6250 people only)




  1. First signup here:

2.Then Signup here: (KYC necessary)

  1. Open this page:
  2. Click on “Get Started” and watch the 4 videos one by one and then solve the quiz.
  3. Done.

Confirm the answer once before submitting:

?What is the max supply of FIO tokens?
Ans: 1,000,000,000

?What is the FIO Protocol?
Ans: A service-layer solution that makes ….

?What does the FIO Protocol replace the need for?
Ans: Long and complicated publ…

?What can the FIO Protocol be used for?
Ans: All of the above.

?The FIO Protocol enables…
Ans: All of the above.

?What is the FIO Token used for?
Ans: All of the above.

?What is a FIO Address?
Ans: A customized, unique human-read…..

?FIO Domains such as @domain…
Ans: All of the above.

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