FREE Metal Card + 20€ from Vivid + 20€ Bonus/Referral



NEW APP – VIVID – 20 EURO + 20 each invitation (WITHDRAWABLE)

? Deposit € 20 (immediately withdrawable)

‼ ️ Registration with electronic identity card or passport‼ ️

VIVID is a VISA PREPAID CARD app with pure cashback up to 10% PURCHASES – That comes with a FREE METAL CARD for early adopters, so don’t waste time and GET YOURS HERE.

1️⃣ Click the link from smartphone ?

2️⃣ Download the Vivid app available on iOS and Android. Register and verify your identity with a video call (very simple, it lasts a few minutes) see GUIDE below.
3️⃣ Deposit € 20 into the Vivid account from an account in your name by bank transfer (1-2 business days)
4️⃣ Make a first purchase of at least € 20. Go to “your cards”, where there is the virtual card that will allow you to make the purchase. It is also okay to top up cards such as N26, Yap, Revolut, Monese, Tinaba, Hype, Flowe, or make a phone top up
5️⃣ Now go to the “stock rewards” area and choose a company (there are Tesla, Visa, Apple, etc …) in which the system will credit you a 20 € share in 7 days (I received it the day after the purchase)
6️⃣ As soon as you receive the bonus you will see € 20 in the “stock rewards” area. Now click on “redeem” at the bottom and the stock will be immediately sold, therefore the € 20 will pass into the main account (main pocket)
7️⃣ Now you can withdraw !!! ?


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