By using ERC721 non fungible tokens (Arteon Graphics Cards) want to simulate the real mining world but without the necessary expensive hardware and large electricity costs, and create a market of Arteon NFTs.

Create passive income by generating Arteon with your Arteon Graphics Cards NFTs just like Bitcoin miners do.





-Be at least 18 years old

-Have ID or passport

-Proof of address (Bank statement, invoice or statement)



When will I receive the € 40?

From the moment you verify they have up to 5 business days to pay.

How and where will I receive the € 40?

You will receive the € 40 directly to your account or through a code with which you can top up the account. To redeem it, enter the BlackCatCard menu> Recharge account> Scan code> enter manually. AA1N9X

Will the card get home to me?

Yes, even if you do not request it, they will send it to you.


1. Go to the promotion page and download the BlackCatCard app by clicking Get the app:

(It is not a referral link, it is only for you to download the app. The code for the € 40 is in step 4)

The first thing you should do is change the language of the app, by default it comes in English: *Below you see examples in Spanish

Image for post

Click on register, scroll down and accept all the boxes:

Image for post

2. Now start the registration, enter your phone number and enter the verification code.

Now fill in your personal information:

Image for post

Enter your name exactly as it appears on your ID or passport.

Then enter your address exactly the one that you put on your ID:

Image for post

And choose the free shipping of your card

Image for post

The card is sent to you even if you don’t want to (shipping, maintenance and issuance are completely free)

3. Now fill in the details of your identity document:

Image for post

In document number put the document number

(the number to the left of the validity date on the ID)

In issued by pon if you do it with. DNI

If you do it with a passport: put the characters that are in number 9 of your passport called Authority and start with DGP, enter it without spaces or hyphens, all in full.


Image for post



If you don’t put it in, they won’t give you € 40.


Check both boxes. You are not a politician and neither are your relatives.

You will have to take a photo of your ID or passport. *

Put your mobile horizontally to take the photo. I recommend that you try it several times and in a well-lit place since it is quite difficult for the system to identify it automatically.

* Patience when you take the photos of your identity document and selfie since the verification system is very sensitive and the place from which you take the photos must be well lit.

There is no solution if it gives you an error, you should try until it is automatically detected.

Next you must take a selfie with the same system.

Check the box and hit send.

5. Finally you must upload a proof of address in which your full name and address appear.

Extracts from any traditional bank account are valid

(several fintech like Revolut do not accept them)

They also accept registration, water, electricity, gas, internet or telephone bills or the income and taxes declaration.

6. You will have to wait for your account to be verified. They usually take a few days but sometimes it can take up to 20 days.

7. In less than 5 business days since you registered, you receive the € 40 directly to the account or the code to redeem it through top up.

Register now

Sapien Referral Contest $2000 in ETH



Sign up for contest = 3 points

Join Sapien = 2 points

Like & follow Sapien = 1 point

Share this contest = 1 point

Referral signs up for contest = 1 point

Referral joins Sapien = 2 points

Add a wallet to Sapien = 10 points

Referral adds a wallet to Sapien = 10 points

To fully earn your points and qualify for prizes, please use the same email for signing up on Sapien as on this page.

Go to the Website

Sapien is running a referral contest and giving away
$2,000 USD in ETH* to the top 10 people on the leaderboard.
Contest ends at 11:59pm UTC, March 15, 2021.

Nomadtask – Online Tasks for Digital Nomads (New Microworking Platform)


You can do simple tasks such as Twitter retweets, app reviews, signing up for a website, watching Youtube videos and so on. This can be an alternative to Microworkers or Picoworkers.

The pay is good, usually $0.20 – $0.30 per task. Minimum withdrawal is $5.

I suggest that you check the website frequently since new tasks are being added every day and the good ones usually are gone quickly.

Go to the Website

Beruby – How to earn buying, browse & take surveys


BeRuby is pretty cool, and very easy to earn money with, if you have some patience. Right now, you can earn a $1.00 bonus when you sign-up.

Language:  Spanish

Accepted Countries: Spain , Latin America (All) ,  United States, Brazil , France, Italy and Turkey.

Referrals– You are supposed to earn half of what your referrals earn. Their example was your referral earns $3.00 and you earn $1.50.

Referral Levels:  They have 2 referral levels .

Payments per referral:  You receive 50% of what is generated by your referrals (Both levels). Also, do not forget that you receive 100% of what is generated by your purchases.

Payment method: Paypal or bank transfer.

Go to the Website

BeerMoneyForum – $1/referral + Competition


Update: New Referral Competition is on going! WIN $1500 by Inviting Your Friends Until New Year 2021 !

BeerMoneyForum a.k.a BMF is a forum where you get paid for participation. It could be anything like starting a discussion, responding or commenting.

How Does BeerMoneyForum Work?

Generally forums help webmasters, bloggers, newbies, freelancers and affiliate marketers in gaining knowledge.  Here in the case of BeerMoneyForum you gain knowledge along with money. BeerMoneyForum covers many sections like legit networks, affiliate marketing, online ad networks, URL shorteners, PTC websites, payment proofs and many more. The members in this forum are extremely helpful and friendly. But, if you break the rules then the same members will ruthlessly report to admin and eventually you will lose BMF coins.

BeerMoneyForum Rules:

  • You lose all your earnings if you don’t login at least once in a month.
  • You are allowed to post 5 posts + 5 threads per hour. You have to wait for at least one hour if you exceed the posting limits.
  • You don’t get paid if you post in these sections: The BMF Office, Introductions, General Chat, Support & Announcements and Marketplace.
  • The members must maintain quality while posting in the BeerMoneyForum forum.
  • BMF will ban you for spam and duplicate posting. You will lose BMF coins for posting one reply after another.

What Are The Ways To Earn In BeerMoneyForum?

  • Earn 1000 BMF Coins per Referral
  • Earn up to 30 BMF Coins per new thread {min 100 characters}
  • Earn up to 25 BMF Coins per new reply {min 100 characters}
  • Lock tutorials, people must pay X BMF Coins for access
  • Earn Up to 25 BMF Coins for Daily login your BMF account
  • Earn Up to 5 BMF Coins When Someone LIKES your Posts

Source : BeerMoneyForum

How Do You Get Paid in BeerMoneyForum?

Unlike ad networks you don’t get paid directly in currency. BeerMoneyForum has a unique coin system where you get paid in BMF coins. You can redeem these coins for PayPal. The value of 1000 BMF coins is $1. The threshold payout starts from $1. Once you reach the minimum payout you can request the payment.

Go to the Forum

Guaranteed Downline Club – $5 Sign Up Bonus


The GDLC is a Global Online Club of free members each growing their own downline of other people to follow them into a paying online business, an undetermined as of yet, as one big pre-assembled down line group instead of alone.

Doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can build your downline for free and share your link and get $5 as stated above!

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Yes, you are being paid to give away money!

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