Permission Airdrop – Claim 100 Free ASK Tokens



Permission has created a global cryptocurrency (ASK) that drives a transparent, trustworthy economy, one in which consumer engagement is achieved by asking Permission® rather than by the current interruptive and exploitative commercial norms. Their mission is to lead the globe toward a Permission-based economy that recognizes the value of an individual’s time and data.

Permission is airdropping 100 ASK to all airdrop participants. Create an account at Permission and verify your mail to receive the coins. Also get 100 ASK for each referral.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the Permission registration page.
  2. Submit your details and sign up
  3. Verify your mail.
  4. You will get 100 ASK.
  5. Also get 100 ASK for each referral.
  6. The rewards will be in “Pending balance” for now and will be moved to your wallet once you enable 2FA which will be available within two weeks.
  7. You can withdraw the coins immediately

Go to the WEBSITE

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