Taklimakan 250,000 USDT Reward Campaign



Refer a friend. The simplest USDT reward campaign for crypto enthusiasts.

Get $0.2 (in USDT) for each 1st-level referral, and $0.05 (in USDT) for each 2nd-level referral
The maximum amount of your rewards is up to 5,000 USDT.
Share up to 1,000 gift vouchers to your friends, relatives, and subscribers.
Complete side-quests and earn even more.
Get rewards for inviting friends by your first level referrals.
Save payouts right on your wallet.
How does it work?
Post or send a link with a gift voucher and spread a word about the Taklimakan Network;
Accumulate users registered by your referral link;
Guaranteed to earn $0.2 (in USDT) for each of them;
Motivate invitees to participate in the campaign too by sending ready-made instructions;
Your referrals are active and become part of Taklimakan;
You get rewards again!
You compete with other users and participate in side-campaigns;
You get a lot of extra payouts!



Start – April 1, 2020 | End – July 1, 2020                                        

The minimum campaign period is 3 months, but they reserve the right to extend the campaign to a longer period.

Who can participate?                                              

Any user of the Taklimakan platform can take part in the campaign and contests, but statistics on referrals, ratings, and other activity will be counted from the date the campaign began.

What payments are provided?

Guaranteed bonuses:

  • 0.2 USDT for each registration made on your referral link.
  • 0.05 USDT for each of your second-level referrals that your first level referral has invited.
  • Gas bonus: $0.1 (in ETH) for attracting 30+ referrals via your referral link.

Competitive bonuses:

  • $3 (in USDT) to the first 1,000 participants with a rating of 10 or higher.
  • $30 (in USDT) to the first 100 participants with a rating of 100 or higher.
  • $300 (in USDT) to the first 10 participants with a rating of 1,000 or higher.
  • 1,000 TAN to the first 1000 participants, for 10 registered referrals of the first level.
  • 10,000 TAN to the first 100 participants, for 100 registered referrals of the first level.
  • 100,000 TAN to the first 10 participants, for 1000 registered referrals of the first level.

Join here this opportunity to increase your revenues!


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