Melecoin Airdrop


Melecoin Airdrop to receive 5 MLC tokens ($ 5) already listed Coinmarketcap

🔹 1 MLC = 1 USD
🔸 For Joining — Get 5 MLC
⭐️ For each referral — Get 2 MLC

✏️ Mandatory Tasks:
♦️ Join the telegram chat and channel
♦️ Follow Melecoin at Twitter and retweet a tweet
♦️ Subscriber at the Melecoin YouTube channel
♦️ Follow Melecoin at Facebook
♦️ Send a ERC20 compatible wallet address eg myetherwallet, Trustwallet, imtoken.


Note: Do not submit ETH address from Exchange.

📊 Ceck info at CoinMarketCap (

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