BetFury 2.0 Event – Participate in GIVEAWAY for 5.5555 BTC (≈$50 000)


Enter the Betfury Event 2.0 now and earn a share of the 5.5555 BTC Prize Pool with an estimated value of $50,000 USD. Our step-by-step guide makes it as easy as possible for you to get your free tokens.

– Sign Up Bonus 0.00002 BTC
– 300 people will get 0.002 BTC
– 100 lucky people will share 2.5 BTC

Steps to follow:

  1. Register on Betfury website + Verify your email
  2. Login + Copy “unique code”
  3. Submit “unique code” to Telegram group

Go to the competition event!

Bonus Morpher: $30 for you + $15 for each invited friend


Morpher is a trading platform and facilitates 24/7 stocks, crypto, and forex trading. They provide trading facilities with zero fees and high liquidity.

Morpher Token Airdrop Tutorial As Below

Step 1: Register Morpher Airdrop 

– Register Morpher Token Airdrop at:

– Enter Your email address and click on ‘Claim Tokens’

– Follow instruction to verify identity (KYC)

– You will receive 1,000 Morpher Tokens free ~ $30  when Morpher live trading platform launches

Step 2: Referral Rewards Of Morpher Airdrop

– Earn extra 500 Morpher Tokens free ~ $15 per referral

The supply of tokens available in this airdrop is limited to the first 10,000 participants, so the earlier you register, the better! After exceeding this amount, the bonus value will decrease proportionally to the number of registered users.

Morpher is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and Morpher Tokens are an Ethereum based cryptocurrency (an ERC20 token to be precise). This means Morpher Tokens are compatible with most crypto wallets and can be listed on all major exchanges.

Morpher Tokens power unique trading platform. They’re used as the currency for investments. All trades are settled in Morpher Tokens instead of USD or Bitcoin.

Taklimakan 250,000 USDT Reward Campaign


Refer a friend. The simplest USDT reward campaign for crypto enthusiasts.

Get $0.2 (in USDT) for each 1st-level referral, and $0.05 (in USDT) for each 2nd-level referral
The maximum amount of your rewards is up to 5,000 USDT.
Share up to 1,000 gift vouchers to your friends, relatives, and subscribers.
Complete side-quests and earn even more.
Get rewards for inviting friends by your first level referrals.
Save payouts right on your wallet.
How does it work?
Post or send a link with a gift voucher and spread a word about the Taklimakan Network;
Accumulate users registered by your referral link;
Guaranteed to earn $0.2 (in USDT) for each of them;
Motivate invitees to participate in the campaign too by sending ready-made instructions;
Your referrals are active and become part of Taklimakan;
You get rewards again!
You compete with other users and participate in side-campaigns;
You get a lot of extra payouts!



Start – April 1, 2020 | End – July 1, 2020                                        

The minimum campaign period is 3 months, but they reserve the right to extend the campaign to a longer period.

Who can participate?                                              

Any user of the Taklimakan platform can take part in the campaign and contests, but statistics on referrals, ratings, and other activity will be counted from the date the campaign began.

What payments are provided?

Guaranteed bonuses:

  • 0.2 USDT for each registration made on your referral link.
  • 0.05 USDT for each of your second-level referrals that your first level referral has invited.
  • Gas bonus: $0.1 (in ETH) for attracting 30+ referrals via your referral link.

Competitive bonuses:

  • $3 (in USDT) to the first 1,000 participants with a rating of 10 or higher.
  • $30 (in USDT) to the first 100 participants with a rating of 100 or higher.
  • $300 (in USDT) to the first 10 participants with a rating of 1,000 or higher.
  • 1,000 TAN to the first 1000 participants, for 10 registered referrals of the first level.
  • 10,000 TAN to the first 100 participants, for 100 registered referrals of the first level.
  • 100,000 TAN to the first 10 participants, for 1000 registered referrals of the first level.

Join here this opportunity to increase your revenues!

Rebitcoin – Receive $21 Of USDT Bonus Free And $10 Per Referral

Details Of USDT Bonus Information
– Airdrop ends on April 20, 2020
– USDT Bonus can be withdrawn from April 21, 2020 and will expire May 21, 2020, if You do not withdraw
– Amount USDT Bonus can be withdrawn 10% on the value of Your Lending.
+ Example: Your lending amount is 1,00 USDT. You can immediately withdraw an instant bonus of 10 USDT without any conditions.


We using ERC20 and it already approved by some worldwide exchanger.

Go to the Website

Swissborg Airdrop Free Bitcoin (BTC) in up to $500,000 prize

Swissborg airdrop is worth a total prize pool of $500,000 which will be paid in Bitcoin (BTC). You can earn by predicting, completing challenges and referring friends. Collect Badges to earn 50 CHSB Tokens for every level you reach.

Step-by-step guide Swissborg airdrop

  1. Download the Swissborg App, available for iOS or Android. or iTunes:
  2. Register and verify.
  3. Go to Referral Code and my reference code GZUGZQI to get instantly 3000 points
  4. Play & predict: earn your share of $500,000, which will be paid in Bitcoin (BTC).
  5. Earn: Complete challenges and collect Badges to earn 50 CHSB Tokens for every level you reach.
  6. Share: get your referral code from the app and earn 3000 points when your friends sign up with your code.

See the full list of countries that are eligible to join SwissBorg airdrop.

New promising lending company. Buytex Review

Features of BuyTex

  • Official launch: April 13, 020.
  • Accept ports: BTC, ETH, USDT
  • Minimum to start: 500 BUX [Current price is about $50]
  • Minimum payment: $ 5
  • Cash withdrawal: Instant – Instant payment
  • Interest paid: 7 days / time.
  • Payback: No, it’s included in interest.

 BuyTex interest packages

  • BuyTex is based on BUX tokens, so all investment, interest and reward payments are all via BUX tokens.
  • The current price on 13/04/2020 of BUX is 1 BUX = 0.1 $ . Certainly the next time the value of BUX will increase sharply. You can deposit money to buy BUX and wait for high price to sell, which is also an advantage at BuyTex project.
  • Each interest package has its own privileges for higher interest rates, dividend payments, downline bonuses, Binary bonuses, Matching bonuses, maximum bonuses that receive Binary in 1 week, so you invest as well. As Leader should choose for themselves the most suitable package for each different purpose.

Career opportunities at BuyTex

In addition to bonuses from referrals, from Binary, indirect bonuses, BUX token bonuses, you also receive valuable items when reaching leadership levels.

  • Items include: Technology watches, phones, 5-star cruise cruises, Rolex watches, cars, luxury apartments .
  • In order to receive the items above, you must have earned the team revenue and the team has the required company level members.
  • All original registered members are all assigned to the left
  • When the left branch has at least 1 investment member, you can arrange new members to the right branch to balance the branch by going to Binary >> Select the right button.

Go to the Website

Tron Ledger Contest! WIN $2000 in TRON and a Ledger Nano X!


Ledger x Tron Contest is worth up to $4400 in TRX and engraved Ledger Nano X, also get earn more points for each referral.

The prizes are the following:

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the Ledger contest page
  2. Signup with your details and confirm your email.
  3. Login and Complete social media tasks.
  4. You can win upto $2000 in TRX and engraved Ledger Nano X
  5. Get an extra points by using your referral link.

Register on -> CLICK HERE in contest.

Ledger Nano X

Good luck 🙂

ZELF – Bank that sits in your messenger – FREE 5€

Zelf is launching in Spring and will offer instant, interactive banking via messengers, e.g. WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Discord. For signing up to the waitlist now (pre-ordering) you will receive €5 starting balance on launch. You are only required to provide mobile number and name at this stage.
“If you are tired of clunky banking apps and want to send and receive money right in your messenger, Zelf is here for you 24/7. Send and receive money and create invoices in seconds.”

Get a Zelf card ? in 30 sec

Use it online and offline. No fees.

Just say ? what you need

Zelf will do the rest: send and request money, check your balance, monitor account statements, set spending limits.

Get paid ? around the web and IRL

Easy. Create invoices, track and send reminders for unpaid ones, save them for multiple use. You can share the payment link with anyone: friends, followers or clients.

Zelf is super-fast banking in messengers.⚡️Send and receive money easily by text or voice with no fees.

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Or Scan this QR code :

Staying Home? – Earning crypto during the outbreak


The coronavirus lockdown is a disaster—but it’s the best time to pump up your online income. Mine bitcoin, use CryptoTab as your primary browser while you’re stuck at home with your laptop. Spend this time building and growing your mining network—along with other self-isolated. There are millions of us around the world now—so let’s get online and mine some crypto!

Work the lockdown to your advantage with CryptoTab

Monetize increased web traffic, get paid for every browser installation from UK, US, CA or AU — with the OrangePie program

Overcome the economy downfall, raise your income by being smart and proactive. That’s the way to go when you can’t go anywhere!


Reach out to affiliates. Keep tabs on income


Mine using each of your devices: CryptoTab PRO with the Cloud Boost feature which makes mining up to 10x faster, is now available for Android.