TipsyLabs – token bonus rewards: 100,000 TIPSY tokens



The first 100 places will be heavily rewarded.

You will get points for completing these simple tasks and an extra 5 points for each friend you refer who also completes all the tasks.

The rewards are as follows:

1st place: 5000 TIPSY tokens

2nd place: 3000 TIPSY tokens

3rd place: 2500 TIPSY tokens

4-6th place: 1500 TIPSY tokens

7-10th place: 1000 TIPSY tokens

11-15th place: 700 TIPSY tokens

16-20th place: 500 TIPSY tokens

21-30th place: 250 TIPSY tokens

31-50th place: 100 TIPSY tokens

51-100th place: 50 TIPSY tokens

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