ZELF – Bank that sits in your messenger – FREE 5€

Zelf is launching in Spring and will offer instant, interactive banking via messengers, e.g. WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Discord. For signing up to the waitlist now (pre-ordering) you will receive €5 starting balance on launch. You are only required to provide mobile number and name at this stage.
“If you are tired of clunky banking apps and want to send and receive money right in your messenger, Zelf is here for you 24/7. Send and receive money and create invoices in seconds.”

Get a Zelf card ? in 30 sec

Use it online and offline. No fees.

Just say ? what you need

Zelf will do the rest: send and request money, check your balance, monitor account statements, set spending limits.

Get paid ? around the web and IRL

Easy. Create invoices, track and send reminders for unpaid ones, save them for multiple use. You can share the payment link with anyone: friends, followers or clients.

Zelf is super-fast banking in messengers.⚡️Send and receive money easily by text or voice with no fees.

Join me and get your 5€ boost here ??

Or Scan this QR code :


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