New promising lending company. Buytex Review


Features of BuyTex

  • Official launch: April 13, 020.
  • Accept ports: BTC, ETH, USDT
  • Minimum to start: 500 BUX [Current price is about $50]
  • Minimum payment: $ 5
  • Cash withdrawal: Instant – Instant payment
  • Interest paid: 7 days / time.
  • Payback: No, it’s included in interest.

 BuyTex interest packages

  • BuyTex is based on BUX tokens, so all investment, interest and reward payments are all via BUX tokens.
  • The current price on 13/04/2020 of BUX is 1 BUX = 0.1 $ . Certainly the next time the value of BUX will increase sharply. You can deposit money to buy BUX and wait for high price to sell, which is also an advantage at BuyTex project.
  • Each interest package has its own privileges for higher interest rates, dividend payments, downline bonuses, Binary bonuses, Matching bonuses, maximum bonuses that receive Binary in 1 week, so you invest as well. As Leader should choose for themselves the most suitable package for each different purpose.

Career opportunities at BuyTex

In addition to bonuses from referrals, from Binary, indirect bonuses, BUX token bonuses, you also receive valuable items when reaching leadership levels.

  • Items include: Technology watches, phones, 5-star cruise cruises, Rolex watches, cars, luxury apartments .
  • In order to receive the items above, you must have earned the team revenue and the team has the required company level members.
  • All original registered members are all assigned to the left
  • When the left branch has at least 1 investment member, you can arrange new members to the right branch to balance the branch by going to Binary >> Select the right button.

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