Passfolio new stock share app $100 free shares worldwide


I’m inviting you to Passfolio, an American broker I use to invest in the American market. Signup today and we’ll each get up to $100 in free stock.

The campaign is still going on! You have through Friday (5/15) to deposit $100+ for the first time and earn a free stock worth up to $100.* After Friday, the minimum deposit amount to earn a reward will go up to $500, so hurry up!

The chances of winning are listed below:

US$100 – 1 in 400 chance
US$75 – 1 in 300 chance
US$50 – 1 in 200 chance
US$25 – 1 in 100 chance
US$10 – 1 in 50 chance
US$5 – standard reward

Referral Program:
To earn Referral Rewards, you need to have an opened Passfolio account. Referrals are only counted if the referred person :

1) uses the referrer’s link to signup for Passfolio,
2) opens a Passfolio account, and 3) makes a deposit of at least US$25 or $50 in crypto.

Deposit at least $100 on or before Friday to earn a free stock like AAPL, AMZN, TSLA or others. Your deposit must be received and processed no later than Friday to get the reward so send today!

Signup here and download app

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