TetherTV – $USDTV Giveaway Event



TetherTV – Giveaway Event
Event Period: Starts on 02/17, ends on 03/17.
Total Distributed: 50,000 $USDTV.
Current Exchange Rate: 1 $USDTV = 14 USD.
Number of Winners: 1000.

Prize Distribution:
1st place: 3,000 $USDTV
2nd place: 2,000 $USDTV
3rd place: 1,000 $USDTV
4th to 500th place: 60.36 $USDTV each
501st to 1000th place: 30 $USDTV each

Objective of the Giveaway:
Main goal with this event is to increase engagement with our community and spread knowledge about our innovative technology, which promises to revolutionize the TV, streaming, and entertainment market

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